Gangs & Exploitation Training

Professional gangs and exploitation training written by professionals for professionals.

Our in house written gangs and exploitation training combines personal experience with professional practice meaning unlike some training providers in this field we have personally lived experienced added with professional experience meaning we have an accurate appreciation of the pressures professionals face.

Our training is realistic and has been delivered to police officers from across the world and professionals such as the National Health Service and HM Prison Service.

Knife Crime  Awareness


This awareness content will help you develop your understanding of knife crime. It will help you identify if someone you know – such as a friend, someone in your family, your child or parent or just someone vulnerable in your school or community – can be helped and STOPPED becoming another statistic like so many others.

Once you have completed the knowledge test, you will receive a CPD accredited certificate.

*Data figures quoted are correct for date of course release. For current data please visit the Office for National Statistics*

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Online Courses by Swiftstone Training

The above online courses can also be taught via a webinar or face to face to a team.
If you would like to discuss this please contact us.