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Swiftstone Training is Back

We are back and better than ever. Here is an update on the changes.

Last year Swiftstone Training were offering a wide range of courses in the world of business, hospitality and safeguarding. I made a confession to those on the Swiftstone Training mailing list that business slowed right down due to a period of poor mental health caused by other work that I do that is of a sensitive nature. However all is now good and I am back bigger (quite literally) and better and Swiftstone Training has been completely transformed.

There are some major changes that I need to inform you about and as a result my first blog is dedicated to that update.

Courses on Offer

The Swiftstone Training brand is now dedicated to training services in the gangs, exploitation and safeguarding fields only. All hospitality, business skills, health and safety and other training is now provided by my parent company SME Business Concierge Ltd.

Why is this?

Simply put the huge range of subjects was hard to manage and customer feedback was that the gangs and safeguarding fields are extremely specialised and should have their own home and on reflection I agree with that feedback.

Other Changes

The online gangs and exploitation courses that I have written are in the process of moving into their new home which is through the Swiftstone Training website rather than being hosted through an external provider. Courses can be purchased and completed through our website.

The Swiftstone Training externally written and accredited courses for safeguarding subjects are purchased through our website and certificates are awarded in the name of our parent company. They are still managed through the previous learning management system.

With the increased costs showing no sign of letting up I have reduced the standard operating area for face to face gangs and exploitation workshops and classes with the advertised prices to the AL, SG, NE, NW, E, W, SW, SE, Central London, MK, RM and EN post codes. I am happier to travel further afield however any hotel and additional travel costs will be added to the advertised price.

Introducing SME Business Concierge Ltd

Those who know me know that teaching people new skills and watching them become successful is a massive passion of mine. From the days of teaching new police officers how to police the streets through to the current days helping small business owners I still have that passion.

I work with people starting a business and established businesses to help them grow through professional training and coaching.

The business, hospitality and other courses previously promoted by Swiftstone Training now live here and in addition to training I help advise of a range of business products and services.

SME Business Concierge Ltd is my formally registered company name and Swiftstone Training is a trading name of this. This will not impact on the service we provide you but we have to keep the revenue etc happy.

Moving Forward

The way we work with each other is not changing. You can contact me at anytime and I will deliver. Yes the name on an invoice or a certificate may change but you are still getting the best service I can provide.

Swiftstone Training is who you need for your gangs and exploitation training.

SME Business Concierge Ltd is who you need for your business skills, hospitality, health and safety, marketing and other related training subjects.

It feels absolutely amazing to be back and I hope that we can work together in the future.

Martyn Linton

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